EIFS Replacement Repair & Restoration

JR Reed Stucco & Exteriors Inc. provides expert EIFS replacement repair and restoration services to the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington areas. Our EIFS specialists take pride in being completely up to date with current industry standards and will use only the finest quality products available in today’s market.

What is EIFS Siding (Exterior Insulation  and Finish System)

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An EIFS system is, in a very general sense, an exterior building surface system made up of:Insulation board usually polystyrene or  polyisocyanurate , which can be described as heavy duty specially formulated Styrofoam. The insulation board is attached to an exterior wall substrate by either the use of special adhesives or by mechanical means. Over the insulation board is a base coat that is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh for added strength. Over the top of all this is a finish coat that is an acrylic polymer.

EIFS System are generally classified as one of two types; a barrier system or a wall drainage system. Both types are designed to keep moisture from penetrating from outside your home or building to the interior.

EIFS Siding Problems

EIFS has been the source of many problems for home owners, building owners and property managers throughout the Portland OR and Vancouver Washington areas. The weather conditions are here are not suited for the use of EIFS; the abundant rain of the Pacific Northwest that is most often accompanied by wind, forces moisture into the EIFS wall system through the tiniest of crack or imperfection in the finish. Windows, doors, wall corners, decks, columns, posts, gutters and downspouts, decorative trim, are just a few of the weak points that will cause a failure in an EIFS wall. Once moisture penetrates the system it very often becomes trapped within the EIFS wall system itself. Trapped moisture due to faulty EIFS siding will lead to rotting of the substructure as well as being the perfect breeding ground for mold.

EIFS Replacement

JR Reed Stucco & Exteriors Inc. is the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas #1 choice for affordable EIFS remediation service. We have the experience and knowledge to remove and replace faulty EIFS siding with a long lasting weather resistant envelope system that is designed to protect your building investment in the weather conditions of the Pacific Northwest.

EIFS Repair

If you have experienced any type of damage to your EFIS wall system from any means, it is critical to get immediate attention to eliminate the potential for long term damage. The EIFS specialists at Reed plastering and Stucco will determine the extent of the damage and the proper method of repair. Then expertly repair and patch as need to to renew the functionality and aesthetics of your EIFS wall system.

EIFS Restoration

JR Reed Stucco & Exteriors Inc. can renew existing EIFS siding systems. If age or other factors are starting to effect the appearance of your home or building our EIFS experts can resurface existing EIFS to give you a brand new fresh look and insure the integrity of your EIFS system.

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