EIFS Repair Without Filing an Insurance Claim

Reed Stucco - Affordable EIFS repair without filing insurance claims - Portland Or OregonIf you are in need of Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) repair or replacement services, chances are, you are leaning towards running these repairs through insurance. It is common practice for many EIFS contractors to charge exorbitant rates through filing EIFS Repair Insurance Claims, which in turn can increase your insurance rates. In addition, many people believe that EIFS repair and replacement services are far too expensive to pay for out of pocket. JR Reed & Stucco & Exteriors Inc. offers quality EIFS repairs and replacement at a reasonable cost so you can avoid filing through insurance. We are able to offer all of our valued customers in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas competitive EIFS repair and replacement rates, as we confidently offer a range of application techniques to fix your issues in a hurry without compromising quality or materials.

Common Problems with EIFS in the Pacific Northwest

Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest does not have weather conducive to EIFS sustainability. If your home or property has EIFS, you will eventually need repairs or replacement services because EIFS is well known for holding and retaining moisture which can, and often does, result in rot and mold. When rot and mold are left unaddressed in EIFS, it could cause extensive damage that could have potentially been avoided through regular EIFS inspections.

EIFS Drainage Systems

Another common problem with EIFS, is faulty installation of the water drainage system. This has become an issue as typically when EIFS is installed, there has been a common negligence to inspect the work upon completion thus identifying issues with the water drainage system would be difficult. It has been public knowledge for many years that EIFS does not do well in wet and rainy conditions, which is why Reed Plastering & Stucco is committed to always offering fair and honest prices for all of the EIFS repair and replacement services we provide.

Helpful Tips when Hiring an EIFS Contractor

Don’t let EIFS contractors fool you into extravagant prices for EIFS repair and replacement services. Call around and get several quotes before hiring a contractor. Be wary of contractors that insist on billing solely through insurance. We guarantee our prices will always beat out our competitors, and our work is always backed by a 100% guarantee.

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