Stucco Siding – New construction – Replacement – Repair

Stucco is an excellent alternative to conventional siding in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area. Stucco is a proven siding alternative whether your home or building  project is new construction, a remodel or repair of existing stucco. Stucco, a cement plaster product, is a superior exterior finish used on all forms of modern construction; wood, concrete, masonry or steel frame.

Stucco - Plaster - Stonework - Portland Vancouver OR Oregon Washington WA

Advantages of Stucco

  • Waterproof – The rains of the pacific northwest will not affect a properly formulated and applied stucco mix.
  • Affordable – The cost per year compared to conventional siding is astoundingly low. Call for a free estimate
  • Allows for air circulation – While stucco is waterproof, the properly applied stucco system also allows for moisture from inside of your home or building to escape, making for a healthier structure.
  • Fireproof – Stucco is 100% non-flammable and perfect for areas that are at risk of wildfire.

  • Fungus and Rot Resistant – The moisture we experience in the Portland and Vancouver areas tends to invite mold mildew and fungus growth on conventional siding that leads to rot and premature failure of the envelope.
  • Insulating – Stucco helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter,dramatically reducing energy costs.
  • Durability – Stucco will easily outlast wood, vinyl and even brick siding. Extreme temperature changes as well as snow, rain and wind has no effect on stucco.
  • Maintenance Free – No need to paint or anything else for many years.

Stucco for New Construction

Your new home or building will reap huge benefits from the use of stucco as an exterior envelope. In new home or building construction Reed Plastering and Stucco will help design and implement the correct flashing and water diversion strategies from the very beginning  of your stucco project to insure a long worry free life to the exterior finish and sub structures of your home or building.

Stucco Restoration and Repair

JR Reed Stucco & Exteriors Inc. is well prepared and qualified to recognize and correct problems with existing stucco applications. Cracks, bulges stains etc, can all be signs of trouble with a stucco wall. Any cracking and or deformity in a stucco wall should be evaluated immediately. One of Reed’s experienced technicians will go over your building with a fine tooth comb evaluating the extent of any damage to your stucco and recommending the best course of action.

Our plasterers are artists, when it comes time to re stucco any repair areas we will color match the existing stucco exactly as well as match the sweeps of the existing stucco siding. Our customers are amazed at how we are able make repairs invisible.
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