How Long Does Stucco Last?

Stucco is a highly-durable material that goes on the sides of houses. Its combination of being waterproof, a great insulator, and providing air circulation makes it a very good alternative to other types of siding. So what do all of these great characteristics mean when the lifetime of stucco siding is judged? Well, it means that stucco has an unparalleled quality that can make it last for generations. When installed properly, stucco can last for a long, long time. There are houses today with stucco siding that had it installed in the early 1900s!

There are, however, installation errors that can turn stucco into a short-lived siding with a lot of problems. The following are some errors that can prevent your stucco siding from being at its best.
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  • Incorrectly preparing the substrate for application of the stucco materials.
  • Incorrectly formulating the stucco mix. Formulating an appropriate mix is a function of a) the environmental conditions the stucco/render will be exposed to, and b) the mix’s compatibility with the background substrate it is applied to. Your stucco mix may have been formulated to be excessively hard and brittle, or it may be lacking in water vapor permeability.
  • Lack of appropriate detailing in vulnerable areas. Flashing and similar materials must all be correctly installed and working properly.
  • Failing to follow good on-site working practices when the stucco/render was applied.
  • Failing to correctly control the working environment and curing conditions after installation of the materials.
  • Naturally occurring environmental forces acting upon the stucco.
  • Lack of implementing an effective and regular maintenance strategy.
  • Efflorescence (the appearance of soluble salts).
  • Movement and/or cracking of the materials behind the stucco.


Most of these problems can be avoided simply by following proven on the job techniques and safety rules. Don’t let your stucco siding be short-lived because it was installed incorrectly. Call Reed Stucco today to get started on your stucco siding installation.