Stucco vs. Traditional Siding

Stucco - Plaster - EIFS Repair Restoration and Replacement - Portland Oregon OR Vancouver Washington WAThere are several different factors to consider when it comes to picking the right siding for your home. In this article, the main purpose will be comparing stucco siding to the other types of siding available on the market. Traditional types of siding are generally considered to be wood, vinyl, or cementious fiber (Hardi-Plank).

Important factors when comparing types of siding:

  • Texture– the texture of the siding that you use can affect its performance. Sidings with a thick coating will be better insulators than sidings with a thin coating. But while they may be good insulators, these sidings may be too thick to encourage any kind of air circulation which could lead to excessive moisture condensation and leading to a rotting substructure and encouraging mold growth. Stucco provides the perfect balance required to achieve unsurpassed insulation while still allowing for minimum required airflow.
  • Material– There are different types of materials used with each type of siding. Most are explanatory as the different types of siding include them within their names. For example wood siding, is comprised of wood (not surprising). Stucco siding is a byproduct of cement, and thus makes for a sturdy, more durable option than wood siding, vinyl or fiber sidings.
  • Curb Appeal– The look and feel of the different types of siding may play a big factor in your decision. The different types of sidings look very different. Brick siding has a high satisfaction rating- it is a visual indicator of a strong, sturdy foundation that can hold up to most of the flak that the natural world can throw at it. Stucco is the only siding material that can be applied to ornate architectural features such as arches circle and coves.
  • Durability-No traditional siding can come close to stucco in the durability department. With cement as its base, stucco is a permanent siding choice for your home. No amount of wind and rain that the Pacific Northwest can dish out will hurt a properly installed stucco finish. Stucco coloring is also a permanent reducing the need to paint every couple of years. Stucco has the advantages of being waterproof, air circulating, a good insulator, and requiring little to no maintenance.

More than curb appeal though, stucco siding can save you money through increased energy efficiency and increased resale value. Contact Reed Plastering and Stucco today we are ready to help you with all your stucco needs.
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