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Plaster is a common ceiling, wall and building finisher that provides a durable surface and an attractive look to the interior or exterior of your home or building. Plaster wall finishes have been around for centuries, and is still a prominent option for constructing and maintaining architecture. When engineering new architecture plaster is a wonderful alternative to drywall. Additionally, plaster works nicely for spaces that are complex and sophisticated in design. There are numerous benefits to plaster in new construction.


Plaster Installation - Plaster Repair - Plaster Renovation - Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington OR WA

  • Fire resistant: due to the high cement content in the material, it is effective in slowing fires and containing heat flow.
  • Insulation and air barrier: can keep cool or warm air in depending on what is desired.
  • Sound barrier: depending on the thickness it can provide a substantial sound barrier in between rooms.
  • Works in any space: Unlike drywall, plaster can be applied to the most intricate of spaces. Architectural design is not a barrier when considering the application of plaster.
  • Lasts hundreds of years: this durable material is known to withstand wear and tear.
  • More durable than drywall: – Plaster easily wins the longevity test.
  • Variety of styles to choose from:  Choose from many different textures, looks and colors. Get an elegant look not possible with drywall.
  • Can be applied many surface types: including but not limited to brick, cement, wood, hard stone and clay tiles.

Types of Plaster Wall Finishes & Textures

  • Smooth plaster style: tends to be more labor involved than textured applications, however the finished product is highly sought after.
  • Lace finish: simple and classic.
  • Swirl finish: popular and lovely.
  • Venetian plaster: expensive look and glamorous feel.
  • Blown on orange peel: interesting alternative to other textures.
  • Skip trowel finish: most popular plaster finish
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Plastering is a complicated and labor intensive process that must be done perfectly, let our group of highly experienced plastering professionals do the work for you. We have an honorable reputation in the Vancouver and Portland metropolitan area and we guarantee only the highest quality of work at the lowest price possible.

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